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Bel disse:Narração que eu fiz do Cat Monday: Como é bom, aroadcrE poder te ver.Como é bomPoder te olharE enxergar o que está à frente.Mesmo estando cansadoSou fofinho e bonitinhoEstou esperando carinho.Dormindo,Olhando,Brincando,Sou um gato e adoro ser.


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I have mentioned already that he was a widower. He had married in his early youth, and married for money. From his parents in Moscow, who were completely ruined, he received hardly anything. Vassilyevskoe was mortgaged over and over again. It was encumbered with enormous debts. At twenty-two the prince, who was forced at that time to take service in a government department in Moscow, had not a farthing, and made his entrance into life as the “beggar offspring of an ancient line.” His marriage to the elderly daughter of a tax contractor saved him.
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