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Traveling non-stop - now that would be a dream profession. Writing, photographing, eat, living... that's the type of traveling I want to pursue, not just facing corporate hotel rooms and eating room service. Wanderlust makes one feel ALIVE, or perhaps more detached because nothing feels like home. I can cure the sensation of a different life in my imagination, in those destinations where every sense of life is different. The sky would look different and the air would feel different on my skin. Encounters are adventures, not just brief shuffles on the street.


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Rajiv p gla c meme avec mo camc3a9ra la, kan meme flash la pas bon, that's y the images are bluerrd, ey mais pas mal kan meme ban photo la hein malgre flash la pas bon! hmmmmm enkor mo ti p rode zette li tout!


/ Hi Amanda,First off wow. I just came across your wnedidg on 100 Layer Cake and instantly fell in love. Congrats on the wnedidg (and marriage!) and for the lovely feature on 100 Layer Cake! I have kind of a love affair with your Vera Wang dress. I've featured it on my blog before and love seeing how different it looks on each bride. LOVE how you accessorized it it is so ridiculously stunning on you! I'm so glad to hear you're keeping it! I was wondering if I'd be able to blog about your wnedidg and possibly feature a few picks of your dress? Let me know I'm so inspired by your wnedidg. Definitely a Lovefest 2010 Best,Laura


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